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Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine & Internal Medicine located in Bearden, Farragut, Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Athens and Johnson City, TN

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StatCare believes in supporting our healthcare community by providing quality care to the senior population with compassion as the catalyst for our Nursing Home Program. We make a difference in the health and care of any life, especially to seniors living in nursing homes. 
An extension of our service model provides medical coverage and leadership to our area nursing homes. We work with the staff and family members to intercede before a simple health concern grows into a more complicated case. We provide in-house coverage and 24/7/365 on-call services. Our physician coverage, along with our support team of APPs, enhances our continuum of care within the facilities.
In the greater Knoxville area, we staff:
Beverly Park Place
Prosperity Pointe
Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation services with experienced staff are dedicated to treating our residents with dignity and respect. Our post-acute care and rehabilitation services assist individuals with regaining their highest level of independence and improve their current abilities, making their stay as comfortable as possible. We provide residents with customized care and attend to their specific needs.