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Dr. Samuel

Meet Dr. Rachel Samuel, DO

Meet Dr. Rachel Samuel, DO

 Dr. Samuel is a native of Bristol, TN and moved to Knoxville in 2020 when she joined StatCare.  She graduated from Emory & Henry College in 2009, and medical school from Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg, VA in 2014.  She completed residency at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, OH in 2017, and pulmonary and critical care fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA in 2020.  Dr. Samuel has special pulmonary interests in interstitial lung disease as well as early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer.  Dr. Samuel is board certified by ABIM in Internal Medicine (2017), Pulmonary Medicine (2019), and Critical Care Medicine (2020).  In her free time, she loves traveling domestically and internationally, snow skiing, lounging by any time of water, and of course, Tennessee Volunteer football.