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Dr. Worley

Meet Dr. Thomas Worley, MD

Meet Dr. Thomas Worley, MD

Dr. Worley considers the practice of medicine a calling and a privilege.  He is a native of East Tennessee and completed his undergraduate education at Carson-Newman University in 1993 followed by medical school at East Tennessee State University, Quillen College of Medicine.  He then completed an Internal Medicine Residency training program at the Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota. He returned to East Tennessee in 2003 and joined the StatCare team. Dr. Worley holds his board certification in Internal Medicine with a Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine through the American Board of Internal Medicine.  He serves on numerous hospital committees including chairing the Medicine Quality committee at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and is a member of the advisory board of the East Tennessee chapter of the Society of Hospital Medicine.  He enjoys the collaborative spirit of practicing in the hospital.  When not at the hospital, he enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, neighbors, friends and church family.